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The role of the Architect is to create structures and spaces where humans can live side by side. It is through this experience that we enjoy our surroundings and the materials that are used to create these beautiful spaces. ALUPLANK makes this possible through its aesthetic appeal and its affordability.

PROMARK INC is ready for the challenge with three innovative finishes called ALUPLANK. The ALUPLANK finishes will create the surroundings and experience where humans can coexist – the product is timeless and very appealing.


Inspired by nature, the “WOOD GRAIN ” finishes of our exterior siding gives you access to a rich specie of noble wood, in “high definition”. The rich colors offered in the “ARCHITECT COLLECTION” were selected by architects from 60 different firms across Canada. This beautiful collection will set your project apart. The board comes with a “V” joint which will accentuate the overall look.

The solid “COLOR” finishes, is composed of very rich colors in the BENJAMIN MOORE collection – this very expansive range will personalize your project. Architects have requested a ” BUTT JONT ” because it allows for a smooth and clean looking surface, unlimited by architectural lines. This provides architects with more design options whereas other materials cause constraints in the final design.

ALUPLANK, quality is now accessible. Unleash your design and creativity, be distinctive!

As mentioned in the introduction, must quality be “economically accessible”! ALUPLANK is available in a very economical version of 150mm x 5.85m (6 in. X 19 ft.), this brings together 3 sources of economy:

  • A very low initial price, sold directly.
  • This will further reduce the financial impact of the usual profit margin of the different levels of contractor in a project, on the price of materials.
  • Familiar installation simplicity, fast and economical installation!

Commercial quality, ALUPLANK aluminum exterior siding exceeds by far the requirements and needs for projects: commercial, multiple residential, institutional, and industrial. Its properties make it a durable and maintenance-free product sought after by builders and contractors, who today prioritize a cost effective optimized, the ultimate challenges of architects. ! ALUPLANK challenges the budget for architects and developers. ALUPLANK provides warmth and timeless richness, very distinctive! ALUPLANK unleashes design creativity for architects – it will make your project stand out!


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