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The best alternatives to Longboard aluminum siding

You’ve probably noticed that rigid aluminum exterior siding is very popular, and there’s little doubt that your clientele is already interested in this material, which is durable, easy to install and easy to maintain. While the advantages of rigid aluminum siding have enabled it to endure the ages and ever-changing trends, it’s fitting to point out that it has benefitted from numerous improvements in terms of both esthetics and the variety of available finishes. The result? You get protection, style and durability all in one product.

It has already been more than 15 years since Longboard aluminum siding burst onto the market with little or no competition. But since then, new less-expensive but equally well-performing alternatives have appeared, many of which deserve attention.

So to give you a better picture of these other options in rigid aluminum siding—of which Aluplank is the leader—we’re happy to offer you some guidance!

Alternatives to Longboard siding: same quality, better prices!

Whenever you embark on a construction or renovation project, you offer your clientele materials that meet a certain number of criteria, not only in terms of durability, quality and esthetics, but also in terms of the cost of the materials and the cost of installation—two factors that can often make or break a deal. Longboard metal siding, made of extruded aluminum up to 1.8 mm in thickness, has won over many architectural firms, primarily thanks to its ability to approximate the warm, timeless appearance of wood.

The downside is that this quality entails a significant initial investment that not all of your clients will be prepared to make. Even if, over time, they save money on repairs and maintenance with Longboard siding as opposed to natural wood cladding, most would still consider it a luxury. Needless to say, it’s preferable to suggest a variety of different options. Thankfully, there are other more affordable products that can offer your clients great value for their money.

Traditional extruded aluminum siding, which comes in long planks that can be installed horizontally or vertically, remains a good choice, especially since it’s available in a vast selection of colors. If you want to offer your clients an affordable, maintenance-free option that imitates the look of natural wood, you’ll be happy to learn that this type of siding is also available in an impressive range of woodgrain finishes. Beautiful in appearance, with an attractive price and without the inherent disadvantages of real wood siding, aluminum cladding offers an appealing solution for many buildings, as it provides warmth, durability and a contemporary feel.

If your goal is a modern look and a distinctive architectural style, you can work with rigid extruded aluminum planks in various colors. Again, you can install them either horizontally or vertically. And with butt-joint sections, in which the finesse of the joints results in a seemingly smooth surface, you can lend a touch of modernity to just about any building.

Currently, Aluplank rigid extruded aluminum panels are among the best options in both types of products. The company has succeeded in making a name for itself, thanks to the quality of its materials and the variety of colors, textures and finishes it offers. Here’s an overview of the brand, which is well on its way to becoming a staple.

Why opt for Aluplank aluminum panels?

You’re surely familiar with Longboard cladding and its numerous advantages. But you’re also aware of its hefty price tag, which, as we’ve seen, is far from easy for many clients to accept. Aluplank presents an alternative at a truly affordable price, without compromising whatsoever on quality.

Aluplank aluminum panels boast the following characteristics:

  • They’re extruded and coated in baked powder and high-temperature thermofused ink for an incomparable level of quality (woodgrain finish).
  • They’re designed for residential projects, as well as commercial, institutional and industrial buildings, featuring a modern approach.
  • They’re lightweight, durable, recyclable, easy to install and highly resistant to impacts, scratches and graffiti.
  • They offer superior resistance to degradation caused by extreme weather conditions. As a result, they’ll maintain their color and luster for many years to come.
  • They don’t require any maintenance and they won’t rot, fade or delaminate.
  • They’re available in a woodgrain series that includes an impressive number of hues perfectly imitating the look of real wood siding for a rich, textured finish. Additionally, the V-joint profile offered by the teams at Aluplank accentuates the plank-like aspect of the panels. The woodgrain series is the fruit of a study conducted among more than 60 Canadian architectural firms, thus the name “Architect Collection.”
  • They faithfully render the vision, design and volumes you and your client have in mind, thanks to the Color series, featuring an unlimited number of choices. Their esthetics and their smooth, finely sanded, high-gloss finish can emphasize contrasts, enabling you to achieve the “wow” effect you’re going for.
  • They can be installed horizontally or vertically on walls, ceilings and soffits, both indoors and outdoors.
  • They won’t buckle or exhibit other imperfections like those observed in many products that come in ultra-thin laminated sheets.

If all of these advantages remind you of Longboard cladding, you can take that as confirmation of the excellence of Aluplank products. Lucky for you, the real difference lies in the price tag. Aluplank offers aluminum panels at unbeatable prices because they come directly from the manufacturer. Furthermore, many installers now propose them as an alternative. And when we say many, we mean very many!

As a matter of course, the best way for you to measure the value a brand gives you for your money is to evaluate it with regard to your specific project or projects. If you already have a precise picture of the desired results, that’s great! However, you should be aware that the experts at Aluplank can guide you through their full range of products to determine which ones will best meet your requirements. Ingenious and attentive, they will always strive to collaborate with you, in accordance with your project and your clientele.

Now you understand why so many of the architects who have discovered Aluplank have embraced it wholeheartedly!