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Choosing colored aluminum siding

Opting for colored aluminum siding means opting for an appearance that’s modern, original and visually striking. To achieve this contemporary touch, aluminum panels are definitely your best bet, as they’re surprisingly durable.

In addition to a varied range of hues and shades, aluminum panels combine well with other materials. You also have the option of horizontal or vertical aluminum siding, enabling you to add character and style to virtually any building.

What are the latest trends in color and design? What are the essentials, the best combinations and the mistakes to avoid? Here’s an overview of the currently popular styles to guide you in making the best choices in exterior aluminum siding so you can present specific options to your clientele in order to ensure that their buildings and their businesses stand out in an esthetically pleasing way for many years to come.

The incredible variety of colored aluminum siding

Grey offers incomparable versatility and style. The darker shades can adorn the entire surface, while the lighter shades can provide subtle undertones, adding increased depth and vibrancy to the overall color.

Brown evokes a more traditional style of architecture, which you can easily enliven with the use of natural materials, such as wood and stone. In recent years, blue has been gaining in popularity, and its momentum shows no signs of slowing. Many value it not only for its boldness but also for its depth and elegance, which is both captivating and timeless. When combined with stone, it reveals its full potential. Long story short, it offers numerous possibilities, which we’d be thrilled to explore with you.

Green is currently one of the leading colors. Its darker shades combine well with black window frames, for example, offering a beautiful contrast and an unexpectedly refined result.

Finally, you may be surprised by the different shades of yellow, which can range from pale and understated buttery hues to warm and vibrant golden tones, adding a sophisticated touch of avant-garde style. Think about it!

For siding that’s more classic, but just as striking and timeless, you’ll be happy to learn that monochromatic white hasn’t gone out of style. Warmer whites, such as creams, off-whites and soft greyish whites are becoming increasingly popular, as they can create the kinds of subtle contrasts that are much in demand these days. While you’re at it, take advantage of the opportunity to plant some flowers, bushes and patches of grass to add a charming decorative touch, as a little greenery will harmonize perfectly with the white of the façade.

Examples of combinations with colored aluminum panels

We’ve managed to enhance the allure of several of our projects with strong visual combinations, inspired by natural textures, such as wood and stone, set off by vibrant colors.

First of all, dark façades, far from being sad, are actually quite flattering and integrate perfectly into the surrounding environment. Since wood remains a staple of exterior siding, you can choose imitation woodgrain aluminum panels in a stunning color, attached horizontally using a butt-joint technique, resulting in a smooth surface and a subtle touch of modernity.

aluplank - imitation woodgrain aluminum panels

Here, the colored aluminum siding with its reddish hue offers a finish worthy of a painting, which serves beautifully as a background for the contrasting graphics. The combination with a classic woodgrain helps it stand out without being jarring to the eye.

Earlier, we mentioned touches of color, particularly yellow tones. If your clients are willing to gamble on siding with a bold look, you can propose colors that are vibrant, chic and modern, combined with a natural material, such as stone. This combination is currently enjoying great success in our most recent projects, as it lends a sense of revitalization and innovative esthetic appeal.

Alutube - aluminum siding

The mixture of vivid tints is set off by a neutral stone base, which enhances the style. The colorful vertical aluminum siding adds relief, character and a remarkable avant-garde look to this building.

As you can see, modernity in 2022 features heightened contrasts with hearty colors and siding of different styles. As a result, the exterior of the building will be unique and full of character. The project below offers you a concrete vision of the trends we’ve presented up to now: green, brown, natural materials and contrasts.

aluplank - extruded aluminum siding

Here’s an example of well-calibrated use of the various possibilities aluminum panels have to offer. The imitation woodgrain horizontal panels mounted on a stone foundation are very pleasing to the eye. Meanwhile, the touch of green adds an element of surprise that’s both elegant and eye-catching, as it amplifies the mixture of styles, but without going too far.

Greyish white is the dominant color in this building, especially in the upper floors, providing increased luminosity without detracting from the wide windows. The splashes of color scattered among the lower floors serve as accents reflecting the surrounding green spaces and adding a natural, organic touch.

If you’re looking for inspiration in a predominantly white façade, we can propose a resolutely contemporary solution with a greyish white, which is less harsh than a pure white. Contrast is provided here with the currently popular colors we’ve mentioned, including yellow, green, brown and blue. This combination results in a classic architectural feel, but with a discreet, well-balanced touch of modernity.

ALUPLANK aluminum siding

With your expertise and the quality of our materials, your clients can benefit from a perfect combination of colors, styles and trends, resulting in architectural beauty with a unique visual identity. Don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your projects with us. We’ll be more than happy to help you meet the demands of your clientele, while respecting your standards.

The virtually unlimited choice of colors offered in ALUPLANK products will unleash your creativity and distinguish your projects.