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Solution for replacing torrefied wood siding

About a decade ago, like numerous other property owners, you were charmed by the esthetic qualities of torrefied wood exterior siding. You were especially appreciative of its natural, ecological aspect, as well as the architectural effect resulting from the richness of the wood. But now, you’re forced to find a replacement for it, as the wood is exhibiting various defects, such as premature fading and greying, severe warping and cracks, among other problems.

Unfortunately, you’re just one of many homeowners who’ve had to replace their exterior siding after only a few years. Indeed, torrefied wood had been widely adopted by numerous architects throughout Quebec, followed by the rest of the country.

The good news is that, when the time comes to replace your current siding, ALUPLANK is an effective solution for maintaining the original appearance of your building!

The tale of torrefied wood

When it appeared in Quebec early in the decade of 2000, torrefied wood siding became a veritable fad, thanks particularly to its warm tones that harmonized perfectly with other types of exterior siding like brick and stone, lending buildings a chic, contemporary style.

At the time, manufacturers praised the virtues of this premium siding, including its stability and durability, the richness of the wood, the enhanced grain and the fact that it required no maintenance. Unfortunately, with time, this siding proved to require a lot of maintenance and not to be as durable as claimed. Today, given the evident amplitude of the problems, most architects have stopped using this material in their projects.

What is torrefied wood?

It’s a completely natural, ecological product obtained through the process of torrefaction. Torrefaction is a chemical-free wood treatment process performed at high temperatures, drying the wood and altering its structure in order to achieve a darker tone. This treatment greatly beautifies the wood, in addition to lending it increased resistance to rot, extreme weather and other factors that can cause it to deteriorate.

The best replacement for torrefied wood siding

Obviously, there are several different options for replacing the torrefied wood siding on your building, including aluminum, brick, wood fiber and vinyl.

However, to preserve the rich, appealing original aspect of your building’s architecture, nothing beats ALUPLANK aluminum siding!

In fact, premium ALUPLANK aluminum exterior siding can precisely respond to the needs and demands of your renovation projects, regardless of the type of building (residential, commercial, multi-family dwelling, etc.).

ALUPLANK is extruded aluminum siding with an oven-baked powder coating and thermofused film, giving it numerous advantages, such as increased durability and enhanced resistance to UV radiation, graffiti, impacts, scratches and more. It’s also maintenance-free, extremely lightweight and fully recyclable.

This product offers you incredible value for your money, while allowing you to preserve the original character of your architecture, thanks notably to a wide variety of finishes, including imitation woodgrain and fine wood varieties that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

When you need to replace the torrefied wood siding on your building, you can count on the experts at Promark, specializing in ALUPLANK, affordable aluminum exterior siding!