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The variety of uses for extruded aluminum planks

Combining modernity and elegance on a building? It’s now possible with extruded aluminum planks, which for several years have occupied an enviable, ever-growing place in the market.

Durable, lightweight and easy to maintain, their advantages are as numerous as their possible uses. When we think of aluminum, the first thing that comes to mind is exterior siding, but that’s far from the only conceivable format for this material.

Are you an architect? Feel free to draw inspiration from these examples of the various ways in which extruded aluminum planks can be used. Who knows? You may very well discover some new avenues!

Why consider aluminum?

Creativity: Aluminum panels have been long depicted as cold and metallic, of little appeal to designers or clients. But things have changed. Today, extruded aluminum siding comes in a vast range of colors and finishes. In fact, aluminum planks can be used to create all kinds of original forms to achieve the desired esthetic results.

Durability: The structural qualities are equally impressive. Aluminum panels are praised for their rigidity and long-term resistance to corrosion. This might lead you to suspect that they’d be very well-adapted to our harsh Quebec winters, and you’d be right! Their durability, appearance and structure are virtually impervious to fire, temperature fluctuations and extreme weather conditions.

Ease of maintenance: You’ll also be happy to know that maintenance boils down to a quick rinse with a hose once a year, if necessary. Pretty simple, wouldn’t you say?

Lightness: Aluminum is the most lightweight type of siding, permitting significant savings on structural costs and making a positive impact on the thickness of the wall.

Affordability: Extruded aluminum is not only attractive, durable, practical and easy to maintain, but also very affordable to buy, as well as to use. On top of all that, you’ll find that its exceptional properties guarantee excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation, helping you save money on your utility bills.

The proof of the growing success of extruded aluminum? An increasing number of architects are relying on this material to achieve a perfect marriage of quality and design, not only for doors and floors, but for walls, ceilings and soffits, too.

The versatility of aluminum

Frequently used in commercial, institutional, residential and industrial buildings—and increasingly popular these days for use in multi-family dwellings—extruded aluminum planks will satisfy your requirements and your needs for just about any project.

revêtement aluminium murs extérieursAluminium planks for exterior walls

For exterior walls, it’s definitely the modern side that you’ll be highlighting. That said, you can also enhance the character of the building, lending it a unique, remarkable touch that won’t go unnoticed, thanks to an immense selection of colors and textures, including woodgrain finishes!

Aluminum soffits

Like siding, roofing plays an important role in the overall appearance of a building. This is one reason why aluminum with a woodgrain finish is enjoying success among those seeking a fine material for their soffits. It guarantees a refined aspect, while emphasizing materials with a highly valued natural appearance.

plafond aluminiumExtruded aluminum siding

When used in ceilings, extruded aluminum takes on a practical aspect that is especially desirable in commercial buildings and multi-family dwellings. It can seamlessly cover large areas. And for an industrial-design look, there’s nothing stopping you from integrating modern lighting, like recessed lights or suspended lamps.

As you can see, the possibilities offered by extruded aluminum planks are virtually infinite! Just like you, Promark seeks to combine requirements and creativity to create buildings that are warm and affordable. In keeping with your budgetary considerations and architectural challenges, we can offer you the most suitable solution, giving you optimal, incomparable value for your money.