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Six examples of inspiring designs in exterior siding

Although it’s true that a building makes an impression with its interior, there’s no denying that it’s the siding that sets the tone for the building’s style and charm! Since summer often means renovations and changes, what types of materials and colors in exterior siding are currently in vogue?

While wood remains a classic, many appreciate it more when it’s mixed with other elements in inspiring, distinctive arrangements. However, you can rest assured that its durability and timeless character remain as popular as ever!

Wood: between mixtures and imitations

Wood undeniably remains a very popular and resilient siding material. For a more updated appearance, it is often combined with contemporary materials for a design that’s sometimes industrial, sometimes organic, but always refined.

The combination of wood and stone is a staple. Woodgrain—even in the form of imitation woodgrain aluminum siding—plays off the richness of the stone, resulting in a Scandinavian-inspired style that’s streamlined and elegant. The advantage of aluminum? Its durability, as well as its ease of maintenance when compared with natural wood.

The woodgrain offers a warm, welcoming style, which is subtly set off by the stone columns. The mixture of natural shades works beautifully.

To play on modernity without sacrificing warmth, architects tend to favor stone with a smooth structure, which in no way affects its chiseled appearance.

The deep hues of the imitation woodgrain aluminum are only equaled by the richness of the stone in this characterful arrangement, which establishes a perfect balance between the structures and the colors.

Curtain walls increasingly stand out from the pack. When combined with woodgrain, a curtain wall lends a surprisingly unique character to the façade of a building. The source of this unexpected success? The quality of the steel siding, resulting in sleek lines accentuated by horizontal grooves, beautifully mimicking the appearance of ceramic tile. Between its beauty, versatility and durability, it’s easy to understand why imitation wood finds such a formidable ally in this texture.

The curtain wall look is especially valued in modern constructions. It lends an original touch and a lustrous but discreet appearance, standing in contrast to the bay windows and the aluminum siding with its matte woodgrain finish.

Colored aluminum also plays its part, resulting in a design that’s more industrial but quite remarkable.

Colored aluminum is the order of the day! Once again, we find the perfect combination of a semi-lustrous material and the matte finish of wood, not to mention the contrasting colors, which lend additional charm to the whole.

While it’s true that wood is still commonly used in siding, there’s a tendency to reserve it for accents or to replace it with materials that resemble it to the extent that they can easily be mistaken for it. Why? No one questions the durability of wood. But when it comes to maintenance, it’s a different story. Wood fiber, steel siding and especially aluminum planks are therefore ideal solutions for obtaining the look and durability of wood—not to mention the fact that they’re easy to install and maintain and they’re offered in huge number of variations.

What colors are popular for exterior siding?

Elegant white and crafted black are both bold but judicious choices. When combined with woodgrain, they produce a sublime result that creates a strong impact like no other.

Are you impressed by extremes? Then opt for a compromise with anthracite grey. The hue is bright enough to weather the elements but dark enough to create a sophisticated look. And regardless of your tastes, it’s a sure thing when combined with wood.

Anthracite grey is a rising star in the world of siding colors. Its distinguished almost black appearance and the subdued intensity of its hue, which harmonizes beautifully with white, are nothing short of captivating. When combined with light-toned wood, dark gray is anything but somber! In good weather or bad, its rich nuances remain superb.


Black or white? Why not black and white? These monochromatic blocks make the most of the brilliance of white and the simplicity of black.

How do you achieve the right balance between style, resistance and ease of maintenance? By turning to the specialists at Promark who have revolutionized distinctive architecture with the use of rigid aluminum planks, available in a nearly infinite variety of colors in both solid and woodgrain finishes. Diversified, economical and personalized, this solution has it all. Whether you’re an owner, developer or architect, contact them to find your signature style.


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